'Headlights in the Fog' CD

  • 'Headlights in the Fog' CD

Released July 2022

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'Headlights in the Fog' CD

Headlights in the Fog" is the 4th Studio album by Ian Penn.


1. Headlights in the Fog
2. I'm Sorry for it was a Broken Heart Who Loved You
3. Still Love Her Madly
4. Fade to Blue
5. You Met Me When I was 23
6. In the Dark Half Moon

7. Loveless
8. Crybaby
9. No Love Comes the Same Twice
10. Kisses of the Afternoon
11. In Chinatown
12. Lady of the Abandoned

The Band:

Ian Penn - Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Pat Sarabia - Drums
Bergan Nuñez - Bass Guitar
Ivan Brosas - Guitars / Virtual Instrument Programming
Vince Santos - Piano & Synth
Robynn - Vocals on 'Headlights in the Fog'
Heinrich Bernabe - Piano on 'Still Love Her Madly'
Ralph Ulep - Cello on 'In Chinatown'

Songs mixed by Ian Penn
Mastering by Vince Santos

'You Met Me When I was 23' Recorded and mixed by Audry Dionisio
Mastering by Ely Buendia

Released via Offshore Music

Other ways to purchase:
via www.offshoremusicph.com