'Two Drank Soju' CD

  • 'Two Drank Soju' CD

Released May 2021

Formats available:
Two Drank Soju CD

Two Drank Soju Cassette, including download card

"Two Drank Soju" is a collection of songs from a romantic escapade, a 10-track rum diary by Ian Penn.

The album features collaborations with Bergan Nuñez on Bass, Pat Sarabia on Drums, Vince Santos on Piano & Synth, and Ivan Brosas on Slide Guitars.

1. Young Love on the Road
2. Sea Wall
3. Secrets to the Grave
4. I Can Waste the Day
5. The Bed Sheets are Immaculate

6. Walking on 19th Street
7. Shades
8. Dusty Window
9. Planet Earth Feels Lonely
10. Sea Fades to Sky

Released via Offshore Music

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